17 Apr Sweet Paris

Pierre Hermé

For those who know me well, you know my favourite pastry chef is Pierre Hermé – well renowned for being the “Picasso of Patissiers”. I could have almost anything from his store, but if I can only have one, my favourite hands down is always Ispahan. Rose macaron biscuit with filling of rose petal cream, raspberries and lychees, top with a rose petal. Irresistible combination of the delicate blushing macaron shell with a symphony of subtle floral notes, fresh raspberries and lychees.


The original recipe of Ispahan was created by Pierre Hermé when he was the executive pastry chef in Ladurée. Ladurée kept it on the menu and but I still found the original from Pierre Hermé is better. By no means Ladurée doesn’t have a signature dessert, to me it’s definitely the Saint Honoré. Rose flavoured Chantilly cream puffs on top a crunchy puff pastry with raspberries. It tastes slightly heavy to my palate but the subtle rose flavour is simply perfect. Not to mention it’s visually stunning.

Un Dimache à Paris

My other new find in Paris is the lemon meringue tart from Un Dimache à Paris. I like the pastry shell is not too hard, filling is not too sour nor too tart…right balance of flavours and what I believe a lemon tart should taste like. It’s by far the best lemon tart I have tried.



Oh Lord and how could you possibly miss Angelina in Paris. I don’t suggest you have both Mont Blanc and Hot Chocolate together while most people are likely to order both in the tea room. In my opinion they don’t compliment each other and you will end up not like your entire experience with too much doses of sugar. The Mont Blanc is quite rich but it’s not as sweet as I thought. The cream compliments the sweet chestnut puree and I would imagine it’s best to go with a cup of black coffee or tea. Angelina offers seasonal Mont Blanc and in summer they have strawberry flavoured. If you don’t necessarily need to dine in the tea room, try going to their a new location on Rue du Bac, grab a take out and bring along to picnic in a nearby park. No skim on deliciousness, but get to avoid the long line up in Rivoli location.

Pierre Hermé

For 4 days in Paris, I wanted to try as many places as possible. We went to Gérard Mulot and came out empty handed. I don’t know, we were just not attracted to any dessert from the glass display. Hubby suggested we should go back to Pierre Hermé again since it’s not too far away. So yes I had gone back and found my other new favourite from PH – the 2000 Feuilles. It’s seriously good, too good to be true. Flaky buttery pastry packed with nutty flavours and praline cream. Not too rich, not too sweet but that balance of textures just wowed me. We also picked up Désiré – colourful cake with lemon cream and strawberry and banana compote covered with pistachios.  It’s more visually appealing but we both tend to like the 2000 Feuilles more. It’s still a very good cake overall but not as outstanding as 2000 Feuilles nor Ispahan.


Michel Chaudun

Other interesting sweet fixes are of course from specialty chocolatiers. We tried Les Pavés from Michel Chaudun and these ganache squares were very smooth, rich and decadent. They were sensitive to warm temperature and easily melted, I would suggest you consume them as soon as possible especially in summer. You wouldn’t have a problem to finish a box..trust me. Or even just worth a visit to go there to check out the artisan Kelly bag chocolates.


Les Marquis de Ladurée

This place is more than just hype but they offer very aromatic and great quality of chocolates. I only got a box of their signature chocolate medallions in assorted flavours, and we finished them in less than a day. They were surprisingly very good and not to mention they were visually stunning. The store itself was classy and beautiful.  I believe they haven’t opened other locations just yet, so it’s a must visit place when you come to Paris.

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