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Spicy Watermelon Salad with Lemon & Chia

Ingredients: 1. 1-2 slices of watermelon 2. Half Lemon and Half Lime 3. Pinch of sea salt and black pepper 4. 25-30ml of extra vigin olive oil 5. Pinch of chili flakes or cayenne pepper 6. Handful of chia seeds 7. Mint leaves for garnish Instructions: 1. Dice watermelon in small cubes 2. Mix olive...

Tomato Sorbet

I had tomato ice cream long time ago in a Japanese restaurant and was surprised by how refreshing it tasted. I have created a savoury amuse-bouche reminiscent of the amazing tomato dessert I had. It's prefect start to the tenderloin steak main course afterwards. 2 servings Preparation Time 2...