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Garden Rose

I found these enchanting Garden Roses in Whole Foods for $7 a bunch. They are absolutely stunning. Thank you Whole Foods for bringing an amazing collection of various Spring blooms at a very reasonable price, you know how pricey these garden roses can be....


Cherry Blossom in full bloom announces Spring's arrival. I'm glad to have a cherry blossom tree around my house that I can cut a few branches and arrange them to decorate my home. I arrange them in a rustic way, let the blooms and branches...


Happy Easter everyone. Raincouver is back on Good Friday and I just need to brighten my day with these red Camellia flowers found in my garden. Simple DIY arrangement inspired by Chanel which doesn't cost me a penny yet chic looking. Camellia is Coco Chanel's favourite...


My days are getting rough lately and these blooms cheer me a little. These fresh cut flowers are straight from my backyard. You don't need to splurge on fresh flowers sometimes, check out what's in your surroundings and you may find even more surprises. Magnolias...