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Secret Garden

Wisteria -the draping mauve purple blossoms are greatly appreciated and celebrated in Japanese culture.  The Wisteria tunnel in Kawachi Fujien is the most strikingly beautiful and magical pathway filled with flowering Wisteria, enough said it's surreal and makes you wonder this place really exists? Hunting Wisteria in Vancouver is...

Rosé Roses

A series of curated images featuring my monthly favourites - Landeau Rosé roses, Fortnum & Mason rose biscuits and edible rose petals Very lucky and surprised to receive these beautiful roses in a hat box for my birthday, simple yet sophisticated. Pairing with the decadent biscuits I recently...


My days are getting rough lately and these blooms cheer me a little. These fresh cut flowers are straight from my backyard. You don't need to splurge on fresh flowers sometimes, check out what's in your surroundings and you may find even more surprises. Magnolias...

Fall Botanicals

Initially I thought hand tied bouquet is always very defined in shape. When I stumble upon Celsia's portfolio online, I'm drawn to its organic and natural style of working with flowers. I'm so eager to learn the techniques of creating an organically looking bouquet so...