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Hermès Route 24

Happy Spring everyone! I have recently picked up a shawl that I really love and have to do a post just out from it. The Hermes Route 24 - in fact you probably can't tell it's actually for Men. I got intrigued by the...

Afternoon tea with Hermès

Meticulously intricate serving plate and fine china from the Voyage en Ikat collection and Mosaique Au 24 . Served with my homemade savoury treats and DIY fondant bags. Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate this long weekend and the lavish Hermès tea set from my dear gf's fine...

Garden Rose

I found these enchanting Garden Roses in Whole Foods for $7 a bunch. They are absolutely stunning. Thank you Whole Foods for bringing an amazing collection of various Spring blooms at a very reasonable price, you know how pricey these garden roses can be....