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First Day of Spring

Hello first day of Spring! My Facebook and Instagram feed are swamped with gorgeous cherry blossom pictures and I have not yet taken one this year. First of all I have a thing with avoiding human traffic as much as possible. I'm basically hiding...

Cold Brew Sakura Yu

I'm soaking up the very last bits of Cherry Blossom. 桜湯 Sakura Yu is the traditional Japanese herbal tea to serve cherry blossom with boiling hot water, mainly served at weddings and celebrations. Preserved cherry blossom is normally served in the herbal tea, I have used...


Cherry Blossom in full bloom announces Spring's arrival. I'm glad to have a cherry blossom tree around my house that I can cut a few branches and arrange them to decorate my home. I arrange them in a rustic way, let the blooms and branches...