03 Jul Totoro Soba

Food styling can sound pretty intimidating sometimes and you might not even think of it as an easy thing to do in a home kitchen. This cute recipe of Totoro Soba is just a regular bowl of Japanese buckwheat soba and udon and you don’t need any fancy tools nor advanced cooking skills to replicate this. It’s also fun to do with young children and I’m sure you can impress them with this cute looking dish.

How to create Totoro Zaru Soba Noodles:

  1. Follow instructions on the package to prepare Soba and Udon ( or Somen )
  2. To create the body of Totoro, you have to grab a handful of noodles and twist them into a big circle with your hands or a tong. Place them on the plate gently.
  3. Repeat step (2) for his ears, except this time you only need very little noodles to form 2 small circles.
  4. Again use your hands or tong to form the udon or somen into an oval shape for his belly.
  5. Chop green onions and arrange them around Totoro’s body. Save the white bottom part for his eyes.
  6. Cut dried seaweed into tiny circles for his eyes and nose, thin stripes for his fur and whiskers.
  7. Serve them cold with soba dipping sauce (you can find them available in Asian supermarkets.)



  1. 先準備一束蕎麥麵,一束乾烏冬麵,煮好過冷河備用。
  2. 用手把蕎麥麵捲成龍貓的身體,放到碟上。
  3. 一樣用小量麵條捲成龍貓的耳朵,放到身體對上。
  4. 白色烏冬是用來做龍貓的肚子,也是一樣用捲的做成橢圓形,放到蕎麥麵身體上。
  5. 切蔥花,撒上龍貓旁邊。記得留兩片蔥白做龍貓的眼睛。
  6. 把紫菜剪成眼睛,鼻子,貓鬚逐一放上去,龍貓就成形了。
  7. 跟一般冷蕎麥麵一樣,沾上冷麵汁就可以吃了。


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