28 Nov Travel Enriches Life

Travel enriches my life. There’s nothing like fancy meal or shopping spree in this photo. It’s the moment that we met a lovely couple from London who we were strolling through the medina, having dinner with locals and doing cultural exchange with “couch surfers” in Fez together. Here this picture was taken by Jamal, one of the couch surfers we met in Fez – Cafe Clock ….of me dancing and hugging with my new travel buddy Meera, other locals and travelers from different parts of the world. Nothing extravagant and something completely out of my comfort zone but that possibly makes my most ever memorable travel experience thus far. It changed the way how I would normally perceive the meaning of travel and part of my life. For the last two weeks I was off my regular path, doing and seeing things differently. My body is tired but I feel so alive!! Hustlers always told me that I made a wrong turn, no I didn’t and in fact if I kept walking I would get to my destination. Life is too short for you to waste time on people and things that distract you. You don’t need anyone to tell you what you need to do, you will figure out the best for yourself. The first day that I was too afraid to say no to hustlers until the last day I could easily say ‘I don’t need your help’. Don’t settle on something you don’t want, don’t let the distraction drifts you away from the direction you plan to go, don’t feel sorry if someone really bothers you, they are inflexible but you aren’t, there’s always a choice for you to walk out from the situation and stop dealing with them.

I was taking a short break from blogging and shall return with more updates about our trip to Morocco very soon. Meanwhile please see my updates on Instagram (wisteria_voyage) and Facebook page.

  • Carmen
    Posted at 05:07h, 01 December Reply

    Whenever you travel, whether it’s to see new sights or meet fascinating people, travelling can always yield surprises. That why I love travel. I think you should have an amazing moment in Morocoo, await for your new blog post then. Keep in touch.

    • vivi
      Posted at 11:13h, 04 December Reply

      Thank you Carmen! Yes I have to say this trip is very different from all the vacations we had before, stay tuned for more.

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