09 Aug Travel | Vienna

Vienna is quintessentially classy and culture-rich city, also known as the most festive city in Europe around Christmas time. We were lucky enough to spend some time before Christmas and the whole city was filled with vibrant lights, live music and people busy doing Christmas shopping.

We took the time slowly and only visited a few major attractions, most of the time we spent in cafe and wandered around random streets. Here is the photo journal and recap of our favourite places in Vienna.

Schönbrunn Palace – I know it’s probably the most popular attraction and nothing more I have to say about this summer palace. I would suggest you go for the Grand Tour to get access to the most beautiful 10 rooms (trust me you won’t regret for paying the extra and that 10 rooms just made the entire visit worth the value). Also check out the Christmas Market in December, situated in front of the beautiful palace, this market was also my favourite one in the City – lots of well handmade crafts (not the cheap fakes!). We also checked out the cafe and had the famous apple strudel, so you don’t have to..it’s quite disappointing.

Hofburg Palace –  former Imperial Palace and one of the highly Instagrammable place in Vienna. The gigantic facades with symmetrical details were just intriguing.

Jazzland – Yes you heard me, it’s Jazz not classical. We had the best time in a local Jazz Bar with great live music and friendly service. Recommend you go early and spend a good evening there.. grab best seats close to the stage and enjoy a pint of German beer (of course).

Cafe Sperl –  Time travel back to 1800’s, sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of cafe melange in a classic Viennese coffee house. They open very early in the morning and we particularly enjoy taking our time to have our breakfast there. We had also been to Cafe Central the next day but we both feel it’s overly touristy. You shouldn’t need to line up for 30mins to get a cup of coffee, the experience was just not pleasant and relax. Another tourist trap – Hotel Sacher, again lining up to get a piece of dry and overly sweet chocolate cake (sacher torte) simply didn’t worth my time….

Steirereck – One of the top 10 World’s best restaurants and also one of the most entertaining dining experiences we ever had. Check out our entire review about this restaurant here. If you love checking out contemporary design and enjoy fine dining, this is gonna be one of the destination restaurants you must check out.

Other places to go:

St Stephen Cathedral | Attraction

Belvedere Palace | Museum

Spanish Riding School | Attraction

Palace of Justice | Attraction

Ulrich | Cafe & Restaurant

Onyx Bar | Bar & Drinks

Bitzinger’s sausage stand | Street Food




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