11 May Travel | With Lojel

I finally got this {Chic, Sleek and Light} super sexy looking luggage that I always wanted!

I was lusting over a shiny stainless steel looking luggage and constantly seeking what other choices out there besides Topas from Rimowa.  I can’t deny Rimowa are extremely well made and classy looking, but unfortunately the retail price is out of my reach (over $1K USD). And why would I need to tell you to get Rimowa when it’s already heavily marketed and everyone already knows about it. If you are looking for something with similar aesthetic but at the same time more unique, keep scrolling down to find out my picks.

So I keep looking and hope to find that perfect one that’s not Rimowa knock off.. something more reasonably priced with similar futuristic design.

Then I bumped into the Japanese luggage company Lojel, they produce some of the most fun luggages in terms of colours and styles! The first one I got is Rando, a more casual looking luggage but it serves the purpose. It’s light and durable, not only it survived the cobbled streets from our last trip to Europe, it still looks brand new after going through multiple legs of connecting flights and airports. I’m very pleased with the quality but yes it lacks of that fashion statement look……

The one that caught my attention the most is Kozmos from the Luxe line and I’m so ready to give it a try after testing out their casual collection…. I can’t wait to give it a spin and update you after I bring it to our next vacation and check this wishlist item off my list.

I’m curious to know how do you shop for your travel bags and luggages? Please leave me a comment and let me know what’s your favourite travel luggage as well.



  • Alena
    Posted at 22:26h, 27 August Reply

    Hi. Nice luggage. But I think it is too brutal, But anyway it looks great, and I’m sure it’s very comfortable to use.

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