29 Mar Vancouver | Neighbourhood Cafes

Boutique cafes are blooming and everywhere in Vancouver. Ones that I love to go the most are corner cafes in the residential areas. They are blended in the middle of residential neighbourhoods, serving locally sourced coffee and homemade goodies.  They have the local community vibe that you can’t find from mainstream cafes on the block. You can’t hear much street traffic noise but rather hear the birds chirping and singing.

Federal Store
Address: 2601 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3A6
Hours: 8am-6pm

New cafe grocery store sits around the corner between W10th and Quebec. The grocery section is a bit small but the food menu looks promising. I enjoy the homemade chocolate banana bread and coffee very much. It got that 70’s old school vibe with geometrical tiles and furnishings. Parking is terrible but it’s a great spot if you work or live close by.

Le Marche St George
Address: 4393 St George St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4A3
Hours: 8am-6pm

Sometimes when that wanderlust triggers me, I would just come here to pretend I’m vacationing in France. I just love hanging out with friends in this cozy cafe. The savoury crepes they serve are amazing and if I could find a cozy spot sitting outdoor in Spring time, I could sit here for hours just to chill out and admire the cherry blossoms tree right in front. The general store carries a handful of local food products (Earnest Ice cream!!) and also artisan ceramics & linen.

Butter Baked Goods
Address: 4907 MacKenzie St, Vancouver, BC V6N 1G8
Hours: 8am-5:30pm

Their famous marshmallows are absolutely gourmet and the texture is much more softer and fluffier than the typical jet puffed marshmallows . You will have a hard time for not bringing back all flavours home. Hint: Strawberry is always my go to flavour and also try Earl Grey if it’s available. Their marshmallows are sold in Whole Foods and Urban Fare but the reason why you should come here instead because they not only make marshmallows. They serve all kinds of nostalgic baked goods and also afternoon tea on weekends. My favourite is the freshly baked cinnamon rolls, only served on Saturdays and Sundays.

The Mighty Oak

Address: 198 W 18th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 2A5
Hours: 8am-6pm mon – fri , 9am-6pm on weekend

Small grocery store/cafe hidden in the heart of Cambie residential neighbourhood with a neat selection of dried foods and local produce and also where you should try their delicious house baked cheese scones and pick up some fresh avocados in convenience.

Other hidden gems in the city that worth a visit

Parker Street Cafe / Address: 985 Windermere St, Vancouver, BC V5K 4J6 / Hours 9am-5pm

Green Horn Espresso Bar/ Address: 994 Nicola St, Vancouver, BC V6G 2C8 / Hours 7am-6pm




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