10 Aug Vienna | Michelin Starred Steirereck

One of the highlights in Vienna back in Christmas time is the dining experience at Steirereck. It serves fine dining Austrian cuisine celebrating with local ingredients and modern twists to traditional recipes. The  Michelin 2-starred restaurant is also one of the Top 10 best 50 restaurants in the world. The restaurant is situated inside a park which is quiet and pleasant. The restaurant facade has strong architectural elements of metal claddings and large windows that can completely slide up for the surrounding park view.  The contemporary extension designed by PPAG Architect has been featured numerous times on design magazines and websites like Archdaily and Dezeen. Whether it’s for the architecture or the food,  it’s one of the destination restaurants we have to try out.

Guess we were lucky to get seated in the new “wing” of the restaurant. The clever design is able to put almost all tables next to a window. Maybe I shouldn’t have to email them before to get a window seating…

Upon seating we were suggested by our sommelier with a glass of Austrian white wine to start which was refreshing. Just to give you heads up because I know so many of you are not comfortable with how pricey these aperitif can be. The glass of wine we ordered was charged very reasonably, about 8€ a glass. The cover and water charge I actually find it’s quite ridiculous, we got charged 10€ per person for water and we only managed to drink half of a bottle. This was my first ever experience in Michelin restaurant to have water cover charge per person, not by bottle.

Next came to the bread cart and amuse bouches, they were great and I especially love the varieties of breads and the one bite dishes they served. They were all visually appealing and tasty to start this culinary journey.

My most anticipating dish and also the best of the entire meal was the Char sous vide in Bees Wax with yellow carrot pollen and sour cream. Server brought a tray onto our table and while I was still wondering what should we do with that piece of fish in the tray, he quickly poured in the hot bees wax and I could barely snap the entire process.  Each dish came with a recipe card and we were supposed to bring them home and try cooking it ourselves. To me this’s simply not possible to replicate. We got to observe the bees wax starting to harden and slowly cook the fish in about 10-15mins. Server then removed the mould from the fish and brought back to the kitchen for final touches. The fish may look blend and raw but it’s actually just perfectly cooked and delicious. The texture was velvety smooth and don’t worry there’s no weird taste of bees wax left behind. Will picked the Venison it’s pretty good, the meat was soft not chewy but overall I didn’t find it memorable. The main courses were a little disappointing,  I didn’t find any of the two courses we picked were great. Maybe I shouldn’t pick Goulash it’s just taste like regular beef stew. The Glazed Sturgeon sounded very unique but I didn’t even remember too much how did it taste….

Desserts were again disappointing. My Sunflower Seed Souffle was alright but they served it upside down I find the presentation was not there. The poppyseed noodles we were told it’s the traditional Viennese dessert but the taste was just not for us. The noodles tasted doughy and tasteless even after dipping into the crushed poppyseed on the side but I finished the entire scoop of damson ice-cream on the side.

Before I was about to conclude the meal was not as epic as I expected, the dessert cart and petite fours were brought out. The dessert cart..to be exact..only served one kind of dessert – the Kipfel (Christmas cookie). The cart was full of powdered sugar and the server carefully spooned out the delicate kipfels then brushed the excess sugar off.  Wow that experience was very entertaining and visually stunning.

Then when we ordered a cup of tea to end the meal, the server brought out a cart full of potted herbs and made our tea. The tea had nothing to do with those herbs, in fact he just pulled out the drawer from the cart to get the tea leaves. I know it sounds funny but it’s actually funny to watch that in person too.

Overall it’s a very fun and entertaining dining experience to us, I love how creative the Executive Chef is to give the traditional Austrian cuisine a new spin, and a lot of time this is why I chose to dine in the Michelin restaurants. It’s for the adventurous menu and entertaining experience.  Just I hope the food would taste better in general.  The only dish I find outstanding was the Char in bees wax but I would expect more from a Michelin ** starred restaurant and one of the world’s best restaurants.

Address: Am Heumarkt 2A, 1030 Wien, Austria
Phone: +43 1 7133168

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