10 Jul Wanderlust

We didn’t go anywhere last year because we were building a house back then. I feel like I’m just getting so overwhelmed and my energy is almost drained out. I just feel I need to go somewhere, somewhere far enough that I can disconnect myself completely from work.

I have planned this 3 weeks trip for a while, almost 9 months to be exact. You might call me crazy but I’m not an impulse traveller (buyer also). I enjoy very much to do my homework like checking out flight and hotel prices consistently, catching up travel blogs and I even like to watch youtube on how to pack efficiently. And how can you forget about reading a few books from Rick Steves when you are traveling Europe.

It’s the most fun to prepare and get ready for the vacation.

To sum up our vacation briefly, we have been to London, Barcelona, French Riviera, Provence (Peter Mayle’s country hooray) and Paris. We both feel like our batteries are recharged and feel fantastic afterwards. I’m so blessed there wasn’t a single hiccup during the trip. I was worried about the SNCF and airport control strikes would affect us but it never happened. Pheww, it’s such a relief when I heard they called off the airport control strike in France. Otherwise I have to take a 6 hour train from Barcelona to Nice instead of an hour flight.

There’s going to be a lot for me to share later on and I’m calling this not just a recharge but also an inspirational vacation.

How inspiring it can get? Will and I were sipping cocktails in CitizenM Hotel London at 11pm and he’s hand drawing a complete new plan for our new place. I also came up the idea of starting my very own blog.

So now I can confirm vacation does make you work better unconsciously and apparently I’m going to keep educating Will about this theory.

  • Vanessa
    Posted at 19:18h, 22 July Reply

    Can’t wait to see more about your trip! Thumbs up for your theory:)

  • Joy
    Posted at 20:21h, 22 July Reply

    Totally agree with you, Travel inspires new ideas and thoughts. Even if not travel, go to a new place will help too. Keep educating Will! I love your blog and I recommend it to my co-workers too.

    • vivi
      Posted at 01:28h, 23 July Reply

      sometimes it’s the matter of having a break from your regular routine.

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