11 Feb Watermelon Radish Carpaccio

Inspired by the beautiful orchids, this recipe of Watermelon Radish Carpaccio with Cara Cara Oranges, Fennel and Basil Citrus Dressing will be a seductive first course for your Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home. Commonly known as Watermelon Radish – vibrant coloured root vegetable with mild and sweet notes,  it’s filled with truly inner beauty once you run your knife through.

Looks incredible and vivid, of course it’s also delicious and easy to prepare.

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Servings for 2

1. 1 x Watermelon Radish
2. 2 Cara Cara Oranges (you may substitute withe mandarin oranges or blood oranges)
3. 1/2 grapefruit
4. 1 small bulb of Fennel
5. 1/2 Lemon
6. 1 TBS of Basil Infused Olive Oil
7. 1 TSP of Honey

Salad Dressing
1. Squeeze 1/2 lemon and grapefruit (should be roughly 1:1 ratio)
2. Add Honey
3. Add Basil/Tarragon infused Olive Oil
4. Crack some fresh pepper and salt to taste

1. Peel the outer layer and thinly slice the radish and arrange them on the plates.
2. Segment oranges and grapefruit and arrange them on top of radish.
3. Peel fennel into thin ribbons and arrange them on top of the fruits.
4. Garnish with your favourite kind of nuts (I use walnuts).
5. Pour salad dressing on top and let it sit for 5 minutes.
6. Ready to serve.

1. I find infused olive oil adds so much more flavours to the dish and highly recommend you either DIY (link here) or get it from grocery stores.
2. Slice radish as paper thin rounds as possible, simply because it’s easier to get dressing absorbed and tastes less earthy! (Use a slicer or very very good knife!)
3. Cara cara oranges are sweet and less in acidity. I think it balances the dish really well. If you are going for regular navel oranges, make sure you need to cut lemon juice in the dressing.
4. I got the watermelon radish 心裡美 from T&T Supermarket (right I know you won’t believe this and it’s only $0.78/lb). They are in season now so it shouldn’t be difficult to find in regular grocery stores.


Adopted from Kevin Ward’s recipe.

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