22 May Wear | Superhero Wannabe

One of the must have item in capsule wardrobe that I highly recommend is black jumpsuit. You can go from high street style to fast fashion and you will be amazed by how versatile this basic item is.  In summer I simply wear it as is but in slightly chilly days I will throw on a light spring jacket to create this “Super Hero” wannabe look.

Another “Superhero” wannabe look on high rotation is multi-layering with cardigan and spring jacket. It adds dimension to your look by adding a feminine cardigan in between your typical oversized jacket and t-shirt. I got my lace cardigan from Anthropologie couple seasons before and it’s my favourite spring piece. They might not have the exact one but this one and this pretty tie neck topper can be a good alternative.

And before you think you will never wear that jacket again because of poor fit or whatever reasons, try wearing it as a cape, especially works well for light fabric ones. I swear I don’t even like how that grey jacket looks on me, simply too boxy for my preference. I gave it one last chance to try throwing on my shoulders casually as a cape, surprisingly works really well and I’m glad that I’m able to shop my own closet again.

**Thank you for supporting my Same Item Looks Different series, I always hope I can inspire you to shop your closet before getting rid of them and buy brand new. It’s not about saving the planet, it’s about wise spending and build a long lasting wardrobe that grows together with you and evolves with your style change. Feel free to leave me a comment below and appreciate with your support and feedback.

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