21 Sep Weatherproof

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T – minus 3 months before my winter getaway, probably not too early to start planning my travel (outfits). I need something weatherproof I can wear in harsh winter conditions, yet still need to go easily together with my limited set of clothes.

A couple brands I have looked into such as Aquatalia, UGG, Frye and GEOX.

My final choice goes to GEOX Amphibiox.  “Ashleen ABX” in black is the style I choose, leather is perfectly waterproof and sole is breathable. I don’t have to break them in and they are already very comfortable the first time I’m wearing. The style is somewhat between casual and formal. The perforated details – “brogue” on the back and toe cap make them more dressy and interesting. I can basically bring only 1 pair of shoes for my entire trip.

For other styles I also like Amaranth ABX, and Ashleen Jane .

Aquatalia got some “made in Italy” very chic looking waterproof booties but the price point is a bit high.  Here are my picks if you would like to check them out. “Verona” on sale for ($325) ,  “Luna” for ($495)

aquatalia                           aquatalia02

UGG is probably one of the most popular choices when you think of soft sheepskin footwear. I do very much like this  “Simmens” pair ($169) which looks edgy and still waterproof. I find their signature shearling lined boots look too layback for my style but I have to admit they are the most warm and comfortable booties ever.


Frye boots are very stylish and they do have shearling lined “Gemma” booties on sale for $154 CAD and “Mara” for $254 CAD.

frye01                    screen-shot-2016-09-15-at-9-52-43-pm


Another pair I like is from Cole Haan – lovely Jess up shearling lined waterproof boots 40% of for $189

一直以黎好想買對鞋冬天去旅行可以著,最好一對著到尾,唔使晒曬0急既位。波鞋又嫌casual得滯,皮鞋又怕唔防水, 揀黎揀去最後有幾個牌子入選。 好似Aquatalia, UGG, Frye 同 GEOX.  我自己比較鐘意短boots,因為襯褲同裙都好睇,而且就算去餐廳食飯有dress code 都唔會有問題。

最後中選既係GEOX Amphibiox  “Ashleen ABX” 實用功能性高,防水防滑得黎又唔似水鞋個款0甘鈍,全真皮仲有細節detail位,襯得型完全無問題。而且夠輕身唔重,相信我今次真係帶一對鞋就足夠啦。

除左GEOX, 仲有之前提過好幾隻牌子都有出防水得黎又有型既短boots, 記得上上面連結睇睇有無心水,唔少仲減緊價。

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