19 Jun Yuzu Summer Salad

I hope you all enjoy your week so far, The weather in Vancouver is warming up these days. My husband is often craving for this Japanese yuzu pasta salad in a hot summer day. It is refreshing, perfect for summer and super easy to make.

Preparation time: 15mins

1) Your favorite pasta ( I use spaghetti most of the time)
2) Imitation crab meat sticks x 6
3) Baby cucumbers x 2
4) Yuzu vinaigrette (available in Asian supermarket – salad dressing section)
5) Japanese mustard or dijon mustard
6) Sesame oil
7) Snack seaweed pieces
8) 2 tbs of Tobiko or Masago (fish roe)


1) Cook the pasta to al dente and run them through cold water (you don’t
want the starch basically) and put them over ice cubes.
2) Shred the crab meat sticks and set them aside
3) Julienne cucumbers and set them aside
4) Remove the pasta from ice bath and drain
5) Place the pasta in the middle of plate and organize the rest of
ingredients (crab meat and cucumber) alongside.
6) Mix the yuzu vinaigrette with mustard and pour over the pasta salad.
Substitute for the yuzu dressing by diluting light soy sauce with a bit
water and lemon juice.
7) Sprinkle seaweed and masago and lastly drizzle sesame oil on top and ready to be served

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